Santé prévoyance collective


Managing benefits and all the services associated with them is often a factor when choosing the company’s insurance partners.

Suisscourtage strives to solve this issue by bringing together a renowned manager and a specialist insurance organisation with a solid reputation that offers the best solution to the requirements agreed with the client company.

One example of a popular service is the provision of a smartphone app that provides simple access to your third-party payment card and reimbursements in real time, as well as the sending of documents and supporting evidence by simply taking a photo, and even to find the location of all healthcare professionals in the care network, etc.

The mandatory organisations often offer limited benefits in the case of illness, inability to work (sick leave), disability allowance (permanent partial or total incapacity to work), death, retirement savings and dependency.
The main purpose of company collective insurance policies for the benefit of specific employee groups is to supplement the various benefits provided by the French Social Security system (SS) or the Monaco Social Services Compensation Fund (CCSS).

The “social protection” put in place by the company for the benefit of its staff is a motivation tool for the employee. Protection for them and their family gives them a feeling of security and well-being.

Furthermore, the company receives support for this by means of social security and tax incentives. This coverage provides many benefits for both employers and employees :


• Significantly lower costs due to total or partial funding by the employer and the collective nature of the scheme;
• Identical contributions for each category of employee regardless of age, including those close to retirement;
• Level of cover often higher than on an individual basis ;

• In most cases, no medical check-up is required and there are no waiting periods for particular illnesses;


• Maintains productivity: a group insurance scheme, including an employee assistance programme, is the perfect tool to ensure that employees remain focused on work, minimise absences and promote a return to work as quickly as possible.
• Encourages loyalty and attracts employees: group insurance schemes represent a significant part of the overall employee remuneration. They therefore promote commitment and increase employee satisfaction.
• The public authorities offer incentives to the employer to encourage them to adopt this type of system in return for reductions in social security contributions and taxes.