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Trusted aviation insurance

from an expert in the field!

The team of specialists at ONLYJET offers you tailor-made solutions, regardless of your area of activity, from commercial aircraft operators to aircraft parts manufacturers, aircraft maintenance and repair, airport and aerodrome operators, air show and event organizers, hangar providers and aeronautical brokers.

Our experience in the sector means we have a clear understanding of your aviation-related insurance needs and can provide effective protection for your interests, depending on the type of aircraft involved (jet, turboprop and piston-engine aircraft, turbine and piston-engine helicopters, gliders, microlights, hot-air balloons and drones) and their uses (industrial support, commercial use, private and leisure aviation, flight training, aerial work or medical evacuation).

ONLYJET maintains very close international relationships with airlines, aircraft manufacturers, aircraft parts manufacturers, and maintenance companies, and selects the best insurance companies for your needs.

Our business

We advise operators and owners on the right type of cover, based on our extensive knowledge of the aeronautical insurance market.

If an accident occurs, OnlyJet will work 24/7 to manage, monitor and settle the claim.

We stay in constant contact with aeronautical experts and insurance companies.

We select the most appropriate cover to meet the specific aviation-related needs of each client.

Each insurance policy is tailor-made to cover individual requirements.

Three reasons to choose ONLYJET

Lloyd's Broker

As an accredited Lloyd’s Broker, we have a solid reputation on the London market, and can therefore offer our clients a high level of capacity at competitive rates.

Aviation specialist

As an aviation specialist, OnlyJet is well established as the leading player in aviation insurance.


We develop partnerships with our fellow brokers to provide assistance on aviation insurance.

Thanks to its extensive experience and recognized expertise,
ONLYJET paves the way to serenity and peace of mind…

Our solutions

in aviation insurance

Civil liability for aircraft and people

Cover for damage caused to the aircraft or by the aircraft to the people and goods it is carrying, or to third parties.

Civil liability for aircraft maintenance providers

Cover for the risks incurred by companies specializing in aircraft maintenance, for both the airline industry and general aviation.

Civil liability for hangars

Cover for aircraft for which you are providing storage, hangars or parking.

Physical injury and risks of war

Cover for damage suffered by the aircraft or people as a result of war, riot or vandalism.

Civil liability for aircraft parts

Cover for the risks incurred by aircraft parts manufacturers as a result of damage caused by the components they produce and install on aircraft.

Civil liability for airports and flying clubs

Cover for the risks incurred by flying club and airport operators.

Individual accident

Accident cover specifically for crew members, including pilots, co-pilots and flight attendants.

Civil liability for aircraft charter companies

Cover for companies that charter aircraft on behalf of their clients.

Aerial events cover

Cover for the risks incurred when you organize an air show or aviation-related event.

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