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Legal protection


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Our expertise at your service
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    Your personal advisor to guide you through

     Risk analysis

     Investment strategy

     Advice following an insurance claim

     Market intelligence

Key Features

  • Legal phone assistance

    Lawyer access through a simple phone call.

  • A dedicated lawyer to help you resolve disputes

    Litigation results in more than 70% of the cases resolved amicably, thus avoiding the cost, the length and the stress of a judicial procedure.

  • A scale of participation in your ``doubled`` legal fees:

    The auxiliaries are often very expensive (300 € TTC / hour is the average cost of a consultation with a lawyer, 1 000 € TTC is the average cost of an amicable and contradictory expertise, 3 700 € TTC is the average cost of a trial).

  • Intervention in the costs incurred for the execution of the court decision:

    For example: bailiff fees and the follow through the final judicial decision.

Please see our terms and conditions:

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  • Menton Agency

  • Monaco Agency

Suisscourtage has negotiated an attractive rate for you allowing you peace of mind and protection for a small amount!

Suisscourtage has developed a tailored legal assistance for its clientele, carrying all, or part of, the legal costs and, above all, to amicably accompany you in your disputes of a private nature or with your employer.

Examples of disputes


After a routine operation, complications arise and the health facility challenges its involvement.

  • Following the death of your father, you discover he has left a sum that is higher than the available share to a female friend.
  • You want to take legal action against a care home or personal services organization over the lack of care provided to your dependent spouse.
  • One of your employees is contesting their final salary payment.
  • Renovation work on a neighboring property or your neighbor’s business activities are causing a real nuisance.
  • You don’t get your security deposit back when you leave the apartment you were renting, for no valid reason.
  • Cracks have appeared in a wall of your house but your buildings insurance company refuses to get involved.
  • The purchaser withdraws after you have exchanged contracts, causing you financial harm, for which they refuse to compensate you.
  • Several weeks after the router was delivered, you still don’t have internet access. In spite of your calls, your ISP refuses to do anything.
  • The “dream” apartment you rented for your vacation is right in the middle of a building site.
  • Your dog disappeared when you took him to the grooming parlor.
  • You are disputing an unusually high bill from your water company, which is probably due to a leak.

You had some one-off income this year and made a genuine mistake when you filed your declaration: now you are being asked for an excessive payment, despite all the evidence you have provided.

You are facing problems with the performance of your employment contract or have been wrongfully dismissed.

  • You’ve only done 1,000 km in your vehicle since you bought it, and now the timing belt has gone..
  • The garage you left your vehicle with is charging you excessive storage fees.
  • The vehicle you ordered isn’t delivered by the deadline stated on the order form.
  • You’ve lost points on your license and are taking a voluntary driving awareness course to recover them.
  • Your tenant replaces the boiler in your property without warning, and deducts the amount of the invoice from their rental payment.
  • Your tenant tells you they are leaving without giving the agreed notice.
  • The decorating firm you have appointed to renovate your apartment before you let it again has abandoned the site.
  • Your neighbor is complaining about the noise nuisance caused by your tenant’s dog barking at all hours.
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