Suisscourtage : assurance Monaco


Objet de valeur


Works of Art & Collections, Jewellery & Watches, Wine cellar…

We can cover your objects of particular value under the same policy, right across the globe.

Tailor-made cover

Depending on the policies, in the event of a claim you can choose between a refund of the work and a restoration.

Special protection for valuable items

Nous négocions pour vous les meilleures garanties auprès de nos partenaires en cas de vol, de perte, d’incendie, de dégât des eaux, de casse et de dommage accidentels, en France comme à l’étranger, y compris en cours de transport.


Works of art are covered everywhere, including during transportation, loss, accidental breakage and damage. We can guarantee an agreed value that the insurer will not contest in the event of a claim.
Choose between covering the costs of restoration, replacement with a work of equivalent value, or 100% payment of the insured value.
They are insured when in the safe in your home or when worn, anywhere in the world. So you can enjoy showing off these unique items for an evening out, a ball, an opera or other festive occasion.
Our experts are on hand to recommend specialists in restoration, transport, packaging, theft detection, water damage detectors, safes, etc.